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  • A red LED is operated in pulse mode with 80 mA of peak current applied at a duty cycle of 20%. VD is 1.9 volts.
a.) Determine the average LED current.
b.) Assuming a dynamic resistance of 50 ohms calculate the average power dissipation of the LED component.


  • ...A silicon junction generates an electron differential of 1.09 eV. What
radiated wavelength will propagate with this condition?

  • A particular LED has a reference intensity of 12 mcd at a reference current of 10 mA. The component has a peak current of 100 mA with an efficiency of 1.5. A pulsed operation implements a duty cycle of 20 percent. Determine the average intensity of the LED.

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PLEASE READ - Posting Questions in the Homework Help Forum

What have you done up to now?

Post the solutions you have found here and we will have a look at them.

Thank you very much for your reply,,
I'm doing Post Graduate Certificate in Advanced Lasers..
I am in hurry because I have to submit my assignment on 12th of October.. Can you tell me where I can find the help regarding these question,, I can study about these questions and solve these my self, Can you just tell me the related category where I can find some help to find the related formulas and some help?


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The first question is basically sophmore Circuits I (at least in many places). Part of it is a trick question.

The rest is primarily from a Solid State and/or Optical Electronics course.