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    Apr 20, 2008
    I've been doin some exercies in circiut maker .I got the final exercise which is not so easy to me to solve so i want to ask you if anybody can help me.

    Design synchronous machine to control receive data in asynchronious serial transmit.
    Serial string IN consist of one START and one STOP bit and 8-bit string.Receiver consist of 8-bit register(shift register).
    3-bit binary down-counter and 2 timers ( attached images what they should include).
    a, VHDL code and transition's diagram
    b, architecture of machine
    c, analyse transitions between levels and choose appropriate shift register
    d, synopsis
    e, final scheme

    I got through a,b. Created VHDL and ive got transition's diagram and architecture of machine.And that's all what i've got so far.I'm not able to choose which components i need :confused:


    NS: process (IN,OT0,OT1,BO,INIT,Q)
    if INIT='0' then Q'<= S0
    case Q is
    when S0=>
    if IN='0' then Q'<= S1;
    end if;
    when S1=>
    if 0T1='1' then Q'<= S2;
    end if;
    when S2=>
    if 0T1='1' then Q'<= S3;
    end if;
    when S3=>
    if BO='0' then Q' <= S2;
    else Q' <= S4
    end if;
    when S4=>
    if IN='1' then Q'<S0;
    end case;
    end if;
    end process NS;

    Im still workin on this.If i find sth i post it straightaway..Despite the fact i'm not so good in circiut maker and synchronous logical circuits.
    I translated the whole exercise because i'm not from english speaking country..thx for understanding.