Kick Trigger Sound Module

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    Hi Folks!

    I'm planning on building my own drum trigger as there is nothing on the market currently that can do what I want. I play heavy metal and only require that the kick drum be triggered because the rest of the kit is mic'd. Every drum trigger interface out there has inputs for all the elements of a drum kit when all I need is the kick. Also, I want to be able to you load my own samples, at industry standard bit depth and sample rate. There are some units that will do it but the price point is too high for what I need it to do as I would be paying for everything else it does too. What I am looking to build is a black box that has trigger in, analogue line level out and a few pots for sensitivity control etc. I am very surprised there is not something like this on the market already but there isn't. I have searched hi and low. If there was I would just buy it haha!

    Ok enough of the complaining....

    I have a Roland kick trigger that outputs about a volt when I hit the drum. This signal needs to initiate whatever process required to output a 24bit 48kHz sample of a kick drum stored on an SD card (or other R/W storage media) in less than 9ms.

    I am an intermediate electronics technician and stronger in analogue than digital. I am familiar with digital audio, and am very experienced in building circuits for practical use. (Soldering, PCB layout and manufacturing). My main problem is figuring out how the SD card will be triggered to send the digital data and how the DAC chip will handle the incoming data.

    I have already implemented a comparator type circuit to deal with all the sensitivity parameters. That way, the digital part is only dealing with a high or low.

    High = trigger

    Low = do nothing

    Furthermore, I only require to trigger one sample over and over again. There will be only one sample on the card so that should make things easier.

    If there is anyone out there that can give me some pointers that would be just great.


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    Duplicate thread! You already have a thread in the projects forum.