Keybad access door

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    Jan 1, 2009
    I need help if possible ..
    Can you write the code for these electronic circuit:
    Keybad acces door

    The idea of work:
    1 - The user enter six digit.If the code entered was a valid code, then the red and
    green LEDs will flash back and forth for 2 seconds. During this time
    the relay will be energized .
    2- you can change your password .
    3- If the user enetr invalid code number for five times . the circuit Will not respond Even five minutes is going.
    1 - Forgive me for my weak, I am a junior in the English language, I forgot to tell you who I am:
    Omer Ali
    From Yemen _
    Students in the Faculty of Engineering - specialized science and computer engineering
    2 - I'm very sorry for Inconvenience, but I need to help soon, because the project would be handed over within a week from now.
    Thank you very much ..
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    Since this appears to be a homework assignment, I have relocated it into the homework section of the forum. If such is not the case then let me know and I will relocate it into the forum that is more appropriate.

    We here at AAC are not in the habit of handing out solutions to the problems presented. Rather, we are more in the mode of asking members seeking assistance to present us with their own solutions to the problem whereby our members with knowledge in the area can then make suggestions where the errant solution may need adjustment.

    In that vane, I would suggest you take a stab at flowcharting the basic operation of the digital lock and then post your flowchart in this thread.