Keg Washer Electronics -- Please Check My Work

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Hello AAC!

We are in the process of putting together a semi-automatic keg washing station at our humble brewery.
Neither of us are electricians nor engineers by trade, so I apologize in advanced if any of our efforts seem elementary.

The ultimate goal is to power the following from a single 30amp 240vAC plug (Single Phase), and to make sure we have selected the proper components to safely and effectively automate this task! Any additional advice or guidance is certainly welcomed. Many thanks in advance!


We would use a time based drum sequence via an ACE 22 PLC and 2 relay terminal boards to open and close a series of 7 1/2" valves.
***No more than 2 would be open at any given step***

A 1/2hp pump ---> Pump.jpg via a frequency drive --->VFD.jpg .
would supply cleaner and sanitizer to the kegs from 2 reservoirs, and returning them back.

Both reservoirs ideally would be kept at ~140F via a pair of 2500w 240v Heating Elements and regulated by 2 PID relays

To power the PLC, and relay boards we would use this 12watt power supply (5vDC)
To power the valves, and PID relays we would use this 60watt power supply (24vDC)

We would fuse the VFD and Heating Elements at 10 amps.
The VFD and Power Supplies come with built in circuit breakers (10 amps and 6 amps respectively)


Again, is there any reason this could not work? Or simply not on a single plug?
Our math suggests it would draw a total of 29.8 amps at maximum load.

Lastly, and tips or suggestions on layout for proper wiring or additional fusing would be awesome as well!