Kaoss Pad foot control. Advice on circuit needed!

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Chris Traverse

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Hi. I'm new to the board, and pretty new to electronics in general. I'm building a foot control for my Kaoss Pad II (a touchscreen controlled effects noisemaker) so that I can control the sample functions with my feet. Ive demolished an old Korg Toneworks multi effects pedal for parts and the casing, and I'm a little stuck.

The board is full of lovely bits for me to steal. The buttons on the top of the enclosure are big plastic pads, and trigger tiny little buttons underneath, and id like to keep the board in there. I know that the best way to go around this is to score off the connections with everything and then just use wire to connect the limited bits i need to connect, but I've come across a problem.

These buttons are unlike anything I've used before. I need to send a wire from one of the corners to a pin on a midi connector, but i have no idea which one, and the same goes for wiring up the led and a resistor so I know if its on or off!

Any suggestions?


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Use a meter to find out which pin do what.

Look at the traces on the board and see if their shorted together that will tell you which pair of pins goes to a contact.

I've used similar momentary contact switches and it should be easy to figure out which pins do what if you have a meter.

I think that is a momentary push button switch. It's pretty common on older through hole boards.


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It looks like a standard momentary switch. There will be two pins shorted together that will go to one internal contact. The other two pins will go to the other contact. You look at the back of the board and see where the metal foil is connected or you can use a multimeter to find out how it's internally hooked up.

Good luck.


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Hm, I have the KP-2 as well. So I ask this questions for you guys who may know better than I.

I want to use a resistive pad to connect to the MIDI of the Kaoss Pad. How would I connect that? Would I need to use a micro controller?


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On the LED - you can see that in the pic you posted, the cathode is on the left (note the silkscreen diagram that's halfway covered up by the LED)

The switch - I have a number of microswitches that are constructed very similar to that one. If yours are the same, the two pins that are showing are one side of a single-throw normally open connection. The two pins on the other side of the switch body are the other side of the NO connection.


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