Just finished first semester of elec eng technology, some thoughts and feedback neede

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So I just finished my first semester (or just about to) and it has had its up and downs. I'm at a relatively above average position in my program but that's not saying much. my program is split into a digital, electrical, mathematical, and applied component each with respective assignments and grade work.

It's a 2 year program and I graduted with a bachelor of arts in 2009, worked for three years as a professional marketer and adverstiser but hated the gigs and wanted to move to electrical engineering for stability and more interesting work (in my opinion of course).

So what are the job prospects for electrical engineering technologists? I already have one degree and experience but do i need to consider doing 4 years and getting my degree as well? What are the skills that make a great electrical engineer?? Is it programming? Design? Circuitry? I really want to excel and at this point am kind of gliding through and need to put the pedal to the metal


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The big thing to always keep in mind is that, when all is said and done, an engineer is a problem solver. That is what you bring to the table. If your potential customers could solve the problem themselves, they wouldn't need to pay you.

Another big thing to keep in mind is that it is vital that you love what you are doing. Engineering isn't a profession where you can spend all day staring at the clock just waiting for it to be time to rush out the door. Never forget that even if you don't love engineering, you will always be competing against people that do.

So what are the skills that make a great electrical engineer? A passion for electrical engineering, either in general or in a focused area, is right at the top. Even more general than this is a love of solving problems and the entire process of problem solving -- which is not to say that it will always be an enjoyable process, but it should almost always bring a significant sense of satisfaction and accomplishment, not just relieve, when it is finally done. Solid fundamental knowledge and skills are right there, too. Attention to detail and an obsessive compulsion to check your work ten ways to Sunday to see if it is right is also important.


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I would add that curiosity about how things work is also an asset in being a good engineer. It's what guided me into engineering.