Just discovered that Tony van Roon passed away Feb.14

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Tony van Roon's site has moved again! It is now here:

I was doing a little poking around on his site last night:

...and found a message he'd left mid-January that he was going in for heart surgery and that he'd probably be away for a couple of months, here:
Well, that was six months ago, and I was wondering what happened to him.

I found a link to his forums: http://forums.delphiforums.com/mec1995/messages
where I ran across this sad message:
It is with deepest regret to inform everyone that my father has passed away. February 14th, 2011.

Wendy van ROon
This is a sad loss to the hobbyist community. Tony was very generous with his time and ideas; hosting and posting them for the world to see. He'd just retired in August of 2009.

Rest in Peace, Tony - your time with us was too short.
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That's a real blow -- he left so much of his stuff on the web to share with others. You folks unfamiliar with Tony's stuff definitely click on the first link Wookie gives -- there's lots of stuff of interest there.


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I've read and learn a lot from that site. Now I have to DL the entire site.

Who knows how long it will stay online...?


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I am truly sorry to hear that. I had read about the heart surgery and also wondered how it had went.

I have built a few of Tony's RC circuits and learned many things from his designs.



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Thats a shame, RIP. I never knew him or did anything on his site but he seems like he was a very helpfull fellow to many people. That being said is there anyway to back his site up for reference if his daughter shuts it down?

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After I discovered his passing, I did use a utility to copy his entire site - however, I'm not going to do anything with it unless Tony's goes offline.

It would be a shame for all of Tony's effort to be lost.


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I am new in this site, and also looked on tony's site, he's a very helpful person when it comes to electronics circuits. RIP Tony Van Roon.


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Thank you everyone for your words regarding my dad. I have made every effort to keep dads website up and running, and I have already backed up everything to: http://antoon.vanroon.ca . I need to fix all the links, and that will come in time. As dad loved the Electronics community so much, I would be doing a disservice my losing all of dads work. I have some plans regarding dads site, but would love some input from the community in regards to forums, donations, and so on. I have a web server and everything we need to get things done online - help me to find out how the community would like it done so we can honour Tony vanRoon. please feel free to email me personally at: mike@vanroon.ca



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I built a power supply based on the LM723 from one of Tony's designs - will miss his contribution to the hobby. RIP TvR.


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I didn't know much about Tony, but I linked his timer webpage often so that newbies could learn about timers. It was the best I found on the subject.


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I really learned a lot from that site. I use to go to it quite often when it was hosted at the UofG. When his old forum was up he helped me a couple of times with circuits that I was making. He wouldn't tell me what cct to make but would give hints on how I could solve any issue I had with a particular cct and I ended up being successful with it. He seems like he was one of those type of people that was always giving to other people, even if they were strangers.