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    Sep 23, 2010
    I have been reading lots of information about capacitor sizing for bootstrap operation, ways of connecting IR2110 in half and full bridge configurations and all sort of information but I still have some unanswered questions.
    I am trying to figure a "general architecture" to control DC motors (only speed, to begin with) from a few Volts (starting at the RC "standard" of 7.2 V up to about 200 V).
    I don´t pretend to achieve this operating range with the same components but I want to mantain the component count (low) and the desing constant. This is why IR2110 got my attention.
    Since I would start controlling the speed only in one direction, I was thinking about using only the "high side" part of the IC (or the "low side") and connect the circuit as shown in attachment circuit.jpg (Voltages are orientative only)
    Is it absolutely neccesary to have the MOSFET, connections and so in place for the low side for this circuit to work?
    I tried to simulate it with LTSpice and apparently in worked (at least for some time, until the program is unable to continue simulating it, so I can´t know if it would work in continuos operation).
    Note the IC would be run with a PWM input in HIN