Jumper wire assemblies - pre-fab, low volume

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    Aug 23, 2013
    Hey team -

    Trying to figure out the board-to-board connections on the (open-source) Helium supercapacitor-powered speakers. Now with more fuses.

    I'm looking for pre-crimped wire assemblies for board-to-board power transmission, up to 3A at 24V. I'm thinking:

    6" length
    JST or similar connector (to bare wire on other end, unless cheap)
    3 conductors

    Building 100 pieces right now - enough that I don't want to build the assemblies, not enough that someone else does want to. Sparkfun has a good selection of pre-made JST connectors + 24awg wiring for $1.50ea that I'm using for the control panel and speakers, but that seems sketchy at 3A. They have some beefier 18-20ga automotive cable assemblies, but only with 2 connectors.

    Anyone have a great source for low-volume wire assemblies, preferably domestic?

    Thanks a ton,
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