JTAG programming (Maxim chips)

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    Oct 29, 2013
    I just received my first PCB (not yet populated) and I'm trying to figure out if I made an error in judgement when it comes to a JTAG programmer, before I spend the time + money to continue. I need t program one of the chips on the board (Maxim MAXQ610A) via JTAG.

    My belief was that JTAG was a standard interface any any JTAG programmer would do, as long as I had the maxim software to send data over JTAG. Similar to how you can use any serial communication software to communicate over a USB to Serial bridge. I thought JTAG was just a bridge to the chip and any USB to JTAG programmer would work. My coworker tells me that this might not be the case and I might actually need a Maxim specific JTAG programmer. My plan was to use my coworkers JTAG programmer that he uses for Atmel chips in combination with the Maxim MTK software found here:


    Can anyone tell me if my assumption is wrong and that I will likely need a Maxim specific JTAG programmer?