joule thief research (correctly, blocking oscillator)

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    Apr 28, 2012
    I think my latest developement is more kindof a Tesla coil.

    Reccently i tested blue and green neon lamp, last night, a 20 LEDs string.

    The coil was never optimized its small and has just 8 primary turns.
    the secondary is open on one end and connects directly to the base.

    I have sold about 60 joule thief kits of one kind, and now also another edition is available with high voltage parts.

    Price for the parts on the picture is $6 it takes nearly 1/2 hour if I make just one kit but less if i make a few at once.
    Constantly I try to get more suitable parts for the kit at low pricess, some are NOS, some are new.

    I was thinking if i should include the LED string or just make a seperate kit (i already have it listed for this circuit but the buyers dont know the capabilities).

    Push button start isnt bad for a joule thief! Actually the transistor heats up quick if you hold the start button (but it doesnt just burn out).

    Its an ordinary 2n3906, and the voltage accross the secondary is at least 80v.

    In the photos you can see another prototype where i used a RF inductor but results werent so good i had difficulties to start it up. I think the insulation layer is too thick.
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