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    Today it is considered an egregious faux pas to speak or write in the crude antedated terms of our grandfathers. To assist the isolated student and the less sophisticated teacher, I have prepared the following list of currently fashionable mathematical terms in academia. I pass this list on to the general public as a matter of charity and in the hope that it will lead to more refined elucidation from young scholars.
    OUT IN
    thinking: hypothesizing.
    proof by contradiction or indirect proof: reductio ad absurdum.
    mistake: non sequitur.
    starting place: handle.
    with corresponding changes: mutatis mutandis.
    counterexample: pathological exception.
    consequently: ipso facto.
    swallowing results: digesting proofs.
    therefore: ergo.
    has an easy-to-understand, but hard-to-find solution: obvious.
    has two easy-to-understand, but hard-to-find solutions: trivial.
    truth: tautology.
    empty: vacuous.
    drill problems: plug-and-chug work.
    criteria: rubric.
    example: substantive instantiation.
    similar structure: homomorphic.
    very similar structure: isomorphic.
    same area: isometric.
    arithmetic: number theory.
    count: enumerate.
    one: unity.
    generally/specifically: globally/locally.
    constant: invariant.
    bonus result: corollary.
    distance: metric measure.
    several: a plurality.
    function/argument: operator/operand.
    separation/joining: bifurcation/confluence.
    fourth power or quartic: biquadratic.
    random: stochastic.
    unique condition: a singularity.
    uniqueness: unicity.
    tends to zero: vanishes.
    tip-top point: apex.
    half-closed: half-open.
    concave: non-convex.
    rectangular prisms: parallelepipeds.
    perpendicular (adj.): orthogonal.
    perpendicular (n.): normal.
    Euclid: Descartes.
    Fermat: Wiles.
    path: trajectory.
    shift: rectilinear translation.
    similar: homologous.
    very similar: congruent.
    whopper-jawed: skew or oblique.
    change direction: perturb.
    join: concatenate.
    approximate to two or more places: accurate.
    high school geometry or plane geometry: geometry of the Euclidean plane
    under the Pythagorean metric.
    clever scheme: algorithm.
    initialize to zero: zeroize.
    * : splat.
    { : squiggle.
    decimal: denary.
    alphabetical order: lexical order.
    a divide-and-conquer method: an algorithm of logarithmic
    student ID numbers: witty passwords.
    that bitch secretary in the math dept: the witch of Agnesi
    numerology and number sophistry: descriptive statistics
    Special thanks to Peter Braxton who got me started writing this stuff and who contributed five of the items above.
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    In class I was asked to give the definition of these words. Here are the
    words and my answer.

    Polyhedron: She is the mother of all geometry.

    Polyhedron Properties: I put Land she bought with the mother and fame she
    achieved from becoming the mother of all geometry.

    Polyhedron Compounds: The structures she built on her properties.

    Polyhedron Operations: The Name of the business she opened in her compounds
    on her properties.

    Uniform Polyhedron: She manufactured her own clothing line from her
    businesses in her compounds on her properties.

    Miscellaneous Polyhedron: She diversified

    Dual Polyhedron: She later married and had twins.

    Tetrahedron: A life threatening sickness you will catch if you don't get a
    tetanus shot.

    Releaux Tetrahedron: The first person diagnosed with this sickness around
    1610 in Scandinavia.

    Tetrahedron Compound 2: coughing
    Tetrahedron Compound 3: scratching
    Tetrahedron Compound 4: physiologic calcium imbalance
    Tetrahedron Compound 5: tonic spasm of muscles
    Tetrahedron Compound 6: deficient parathyroid secretion
    Tetrahedron Compound 10: loss of hearing, sight, hair and income followed by death all within a 15 second period.

    Comedy material written by Edmund Johnson Feb. 23rd 2003
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    Ahh the beautiful world of technical language is mystifying place to be!

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    A student was doing miserably on his oral final exam in General Toplogy (yes, this guy _really_ did give oral finals in topology). Exasperated by the student's abysmal performance up to that point, the professor asked the student "So, what _do_ you know about topology?" The student replied, "I know the definition of a topologist." The professor asked him to state the definition, expecting to get the old saw about someone who can't tell the difference between a coffee cup and a doughnut. Instead, the student replied: "A topologist is someone who can't tell the difference between his ass and a hole in the ground, but who can tell the difference between his ass and _two_ holes in the ground."

    The student passed
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    I guess that is a graphic illustration of PhD standing for " piled higher and deeper". Tee-har-yuck.

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    D'oh! :D