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Joe,I like your hat or what ever you call it,you posted your picture
while I was away.You look different than i expected. You look very
out going and active.I don't remember how much you talked about hobbies.
Being from Texas you must be active in outdoor sports. I wish you the
best for going public.Will be good for your F.C.C...I can see you handle
your pool stick and having fun at the V.f.W.


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I use to fish everyday. I'd go hunting every deer season.

I don't do quite as much these days and as a new resident to the State of Texas, I'll have to find hunting places. I did go fishing once last summer with my step-son and fished once with an old fishing buddy who lives about three or so hours away in eastern oklahoma. Him an I used to fish almost everyday when we were stationed in the western Oklahoma panhandle, as well as pheasant, rabbit, and deer hunting.

I'm a member of the American Legion. Besides the fcctests website, I'm involved with the website that tells the story of the Loran radio navigation system and the roster of those involved with each station.

Finding the locations using google earth has been one indoor hobby of mine. It's been forty years, but the footprints of the stations in South East Asia still exst as well as some of the building. Even those stations abandoned in 1975, like Cape Christian, on the west coast of Baffin Bay, still exist as does one of the beverage antenna's.

Harder to locate are those WWII Pacific stations that were in existance for less than two years on the remote islands like Atafu and Gardner Island, which recently was the subject of a possible location for Ameila Earhart's crash.

Other research had me wondering why some veterans of Enewetak Atoll, home of the first thermonuclear devce, which evaporated an island in the Atoll, as well as a large number of the US nuclear testing program, are having difficulty getting VA benefits from unusual medical conditions. I've also helped an old shipmate pass the word on the irradiation from vacuum tubes with potentials exceeding 15 keV. That report and a video of a nuclear scientist taking measures on the health issues page at the website as well as the final report.

My wife and I play pool in the local APA league on Mondays (8 ball) and Wednesdays (9 ball). We sometimes play in the Thursday night 8 ball tourneyment, the Friday night 8 ball tourneyment, or the Saturday night 9 ball tourneyment. Don't expect to see my face in Vegas anytime soon. :D

I'm usually kept busy with my grandsons these days. The forums I visit the most are, the Coast Guard forums at, and During Jan - April 15th, I work doing taxes, which started out as something to forstall cabin fever and pay off some debt.

All of these provides my one braincell enough activity to remain energized.


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I drove through Texas in November, 1977, west to east and counted 23 dead deer on the highway. If it's still like that, you should have no trouble finding a place to hunt them.

Is it still like that?

For those that haven't been to Texas, my impression was that it is about as big as 6 normal size states. The countryside ranges from sub-tropical Brownsville to mid-west looking maple forests to high desert. The west end has excellent Mexican food and the east end smells like oil refinerys. Texas doesn't need the rest of America around it, it's big enough to find about anything that the rest of the country has except maybe the really frozen places like New Hampshire in the winter.

That's one person's impression of Texas.

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Texas will never be the same after the space ship broke up partly
over Texas. Another large incident would the migration of people
after Katrina. You are looking for deer hunting,my fire ant research
took a hit from bits of possible body parts from space burn out.
The Texas Rangers was not taken with stories for being out looking
around on public property. A lot of new people was a safety concern.
I understand that a lot of people didn't go back home.Texas or bust
my dream for the future.Loosewire was a feared pool shooter,because
he would take on the best and win his share,9 ball would
take 10 games being in line to get a shot, we played five and nine.
Get luckly and bank 5 or 9 in to stay in the chips. The good old days..
its good to recall....The Texan Women and Willie Nelson..saw him preform
live in Shortbus's sisters home town..Sunrise,Fla.