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I was told a few year ago that you could not legally work
your way across england on visitors visa,then why do you have so many people from other countries forming neigtbors hoods.You need jobs to live openly.APPLY THIS thought to your country If you are reading any
country.I want to know how people move around and others don't.Is it a student thing or what . What Do you think the u.s.a. has the best education or the best playground for adults.I want to know what you think of u.s.a..
What are your likes or dislikes.Would you want to a citizen of u.s. How many dual citizenships do we have,what are the advanages of dual.How many angry people would accept american citizenship.England has
Oxford and Rhords,what others. Name some great universities in India
and other countries.Tell me some good things about your country.
You seem to know a lot about u.s.-why If you could live anywhere In the world where would It be. What about disease do you plan for that or understand world health promlems. I think people that shoot big game for fun,If they have guns
they would raid homes for meat.
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It's quite complicated I would say and there are many political reasons behind it. I always say that our rights are limited to the legal system in a sense but that's the way things are. We can't cross borders at will for some good reasons provided by different nations etc.

U.S.A got very good education in general. I don't know exactly how they rate universities which are very competitive, but harvard, MIT, Oxford, Cambridge & Imperial college london are definitely highly rated universities.

In India I know the Indian Institute of technology. University of Tokyo in Japan. National University of Singapore. University of Cape Town. University of Paris. Some examples of very good universities around the world.

People move around for many different reasons. It's not so easy to generalise but some analysis can be made to know what are the most common reasons to move around and which countries attract the most visitors or immigrants. For example, with the current recession in the US, generally many people aren't so keen to work there, while some might see an opportunity for some particular jobs.

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