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    Is there anybody hiring internships (paid or not paid) in the areas of automotive or at least small engines , marina (boat ) fixing painting , pipe laying , cable laying , road work , ....building , or food services (dishwasher , cook ,...etc )

    simple machine shop apprentice would be OK for awhile

    Or if you know of any area of work please post to this thread.
    internships , jobs ,...whatever just want to see what is out there.

    Looking online seem like they all want resumes for building , auto , ...etc jobs .... as well as "internships "

    Well at least let me do a non-payed internship I would imagine you want more and more people learning and helping as the number of people grows.... you want the population to be more competent at doing different skills

    For the people that didn't have to much schooling how did you start out and progress. What type of jobs are you doing.
    And for the people that have much schooling how did you start out and progress. What type of jobs are you doing.
    Are any of the highly schooled people doing labor based work or are you mostly doing desk work based jobs

    Please post like to hear from you.

    In the mean time improve computer skills and math , engineering theory and thinking based jobs and cooking/cleaning. Building based/repairing jobs I am waiting on you. And entertainment job is something I am going to work on on weekends.

    I just got another idea maybe I will improve my programming skills by writing a general contractor calculator type in your square ft and it calculates the 2x4 for your house but 10% or 5% just in cases ... square ft / 16 plus few extra for the corners. Roof joists maybe a little tricker... drywall sum the square ft per wall and divide by 32sqft or 48sqft depending on 4x8 or 4x12 pieces or a variation of divisions. Roofing shingles / paper / sheet metal similar figure out perimeter and areas. ....

    But its already be done I bet they have a calculator that lets them vary the building material cost like or set them like a 2x4 is $10 ...etc then when the economy changes they can still calculate accurate prices.

    My point in building one would be to improve skills in both calculating construction supplies and programming another language .
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    Nov 23, 2012
    Were you raised in a box or something similar?
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    Jun 6, 2011
    If it were legal, I'd take on a motivated intern/apprentice in a heartbeat. And he'd get a helluva education.

    Unfortunately, labor laws in the US make this impossible -- except for politicians.
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    Didn't you already have a few of these type treads? Why start a new one?
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    Nov 4, 2013
    Yes. they call them grunt/peon (laborer) jobs around here. You start with minimal pay and maximum physical labor work until you learn enough about what you are doing to move up.

    All places you mention hire people like that quite regularly.

    Stop by where ever you are interested in and fill out a application. Make sure to put down laborer on the position wanted line and a number close to minimum wage for pay rate.
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    Every post from him reminds me of Brandon Fraser in Blast from the Past..
    I literally think he still lives in the nuclear shelter and is waiting for his mom to open the doors..
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    Please don't do that again. I am still chucking. This will probably wake me up in the middle of the the night laughing. Tomorrow my co-workers won't just think I am insane they will now know it because of my maniacal laughter.
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