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Hi Friends,
I am trying to search a good job opportunity in Electronics Industry (Embedded/VLSI), anything will do. But somehow couldnt find one.

Problems I am facing are as follow---
1. When I try to call a company, on the numbers displayed on net -----I get the reply that these numbers does not exist.
2. When I upload my Resume on a company's website-----I dont get any reply.
3. When I forward my Resume to HR's email ID------I dont get a reply either way.
4. I stay in Pune-----& most of the Electronic Companies are in Bangalore. So, its not possible to attend all walkins.
5. Consultants are demanding a very high fees------Which we cant afford.
6. Even if I get a call somehow, then they say------That they dont take freshers, they require Experienced people.
7. & Finally if I get selected somewhere, then they ask for signing a bond & offer a very very low salary.

So, friends please please please help me-----what should I do now???

Any help in this regards will be appreciated. Thanks in advance...!!!


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What does it mean to sign a bond? I'd take the low salary job and just use it to gain experience. Every fresh engineer takes a low salary job to start with. I might also suggest that you move to Bangalore where the jobs are. I imagnie those jobs are very competative, and you need every advantage you can get.

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Signing a bond means giving a promise to the company that we will work in your company for a specified time and submit a security deposit in terms of cash. We get the whole cash back after the completion of tht specified period (in years). But if we leave the company before that time period, then we dont get tht amount.

I cant work in low salary because of some family responsibilities. Switching to Bangalore (a new place) is not so easy.

I am sorry for typo, I am presently working in a backoffice job in Goa..... & I cant leave my job till I get something better.