JFET/MOSFET Characteristics

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I have a couple questions about JFETs and MOSFETs.

1) Explain the three terminal characteristics of a JFET?
I think I got this - Source, drain and gate. I kind of figured out how it works. Electrons from the source go towards the drain while the gate limits how much of the electrons actually go there.

can you please confirm?

2) Compare the JFET characteristics to a Bipolar Junction Transistor (BJT). Include a sketch of the BJT characteristics and include saturation and forward active regions in the sketch.

I am not sure where I should start here


3) Qualitative describe the operation of a n-channel enhancement MOSFET

Not sure where to start here as well.

4) Compare the MOSFET characteristics with those of a JFET.

Same as above.

Thanks for the help.


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Look around the International Rectifier web site. They have a variety of documents available that describe how FET's function and their characteristics. Get the data sheet of a power BJT like a 2N3055 to make comparisons. Also look up the data sheet for a JFET like the MPF102 (not the best, but very available) to make that comparison.

You're close with #1, but no instructor will find that brief an answer acceptable.