Jack Tramiel, founder of Commodore International died


Joined Mar 24, 2008
Beat me to it. What happened to that company after Jack was ousted is a shame.

I still have my C128 set up, though I rarely use it. I tend to use the VICE emulator instead.


Joined Oct 29, 2009
I lost my "computer virginity" to Commodore. The Commodore PET was my first computer. I loved that little computer. I am very sorry that I sold it.


Joined Mar 24, 2008
Which PET? The Chiclets keyboard? I had that one, gave it to my brother when he graduated from high school.


Joined Feb 20, 2009
I just remember the 1st one. Then we got an Apple IIc, then the world of PC's exploded.Apple switched to the tiny b/w macs which I never understood? Why give yourself glasses 10 years faster? And make a computer that literally moved backwards. After the Apples we were all rooting for higher resolutions and power. They put out the GS2, then dropped in months later for the new macs. Then I went to a PC clone and have never looked at Macs again. I've used em but I could never live with a computer where when ever I get a driver for something new I bought or new software it says.

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