It's Christmas Time!

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I love the santa hat up top, and all the avatars (I joined in :))
I'm curious, what are your holiday traditions?
Especially you non americans??


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We put up a tree and decorate it just like every consumer western country. Decorating a boat is more traditional and rare. We have Christmas carols too, quite old in fact.

We have ended up baking turkey too for Christmas table, though chicken or pork are more traditional options. For the new years eve, it's a different story, though. The traditional plate in my region is lamb liver and around it wound intestines, all that in a soup. That or male goat soup. They are more delicious than they sound.


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Well, I'm American, as it says on my profile, but I'm going to answer this anyway :D

Usually I spend Christmas with my entire family at my parents' house. They put up a tree (usually with my help :p) and decorate it with family ornaments (each one has it's own story--it makes it very interesting). Each member has five or six of their own ornaments that they either made in school, or were given to them as children. After those are hung, there are a few family ornaments that we hang (if they fit). It's a lot of fun, because when you look at the tree, you can remember all the different stories associated with each decoration.
We often either have turkey or ham for Christmas dinner, again with the entire family. It's a great time of year to just spend with the people you love :)

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Good to see the Santa hats catching on.
In England Christmas is probably much like America, but even bigger, because we don't have Thanksgiving. There's the turkey, presents under the tree, piles of chocolate and relatives you don't see all year. The country pretty much shuts down for a couple of days.


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of my last 7 Christmasses (sp? Christmasii?) I spent one in boot camp, 2 on a submarine, one eating TV dinners in a Barracks room (by choice, there was Chrismas dinner available), one at home by myself, one I can't remember, and one on the other side of the world from my wife & daughter. This Christmas will be the first happy family Christmas in a long line of dismal ones. I will get to see my little brother for the first time in 4 years and my daughter has already helped me put up our Christmas tree! my first Christmas tree in my own home! It felt good. We will have a small family Christmas at home, just the three of us. Not sure what we are going to eat, as my wife isn't up to speed on the traditional American Christmas foods, but it doesn't really matter. I could fast that day and still be happy.


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I also have this feeling of joy and happiness. It could be that it is soon christmas. Or the fact that a new pirelli calendar arrived by mail to day :)