Issue with PIC18f87K90

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I am using MPLAB v8.36

When I try to program PIC18f87K90, in the select programmer tab I could not see PICKit2 enabled

So I selected PICKit3

But when I select PICKit3, I am getting Run-Time Microsoft Visual C++ error

When I hit OK, MPLAB exits and I have to start again.

If anyone has an idea, please help me out



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I'm running MPLAB 8.76 (most recent AFAIK) and it does not list PicKit2 as programmer nor debugger. Pickit 3 is listed for both.

Not having a PicKit3, when I choose it as programmer all I get is "No PICkit 3 Connected" in the Output window.

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The error with the PICKIT 3 may be that the driver is not installed as wild guess. Or that MPLAB is not installed with PICKIT 3 support

MPLAB is installed with PICKIT 3 support

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You say you selected PICKIT3 because the PICKIT2 option was dimmed. Do you have a PICKIT3?

I have PICKit3

When I program using the PICKit3 I am getting the Microsoft Visual C++ error and when I hit OK MPLAB exits and I have to restart MPLAB


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There's a "Setup MPLAB Tools" shortcut in the MPLab start menu program folder that allows you to add and remove program components. Run that and review all of your installed components. You may be missing something.

BTW, PICkit2 does not support that particular MCU so that's why it's grayed out. When using the project wizard to create a new project, the device is selected for MPLab at that time. You can also change the selected device and look at device support by going to the Configure -> Select Device drop-down.

Attemping to start the PICKit3 without the device plugged into the USB port could cause a strange error, especially if the device has never been installed. Though if things are set up right, that shouldn't happen. I just get a device not found error when doing that with the PICKit2.

PICKit2 does not require a 3rd party USB driver. It uses the canned Windows HID drivers which install automatically when the device is plugged in for the first time. Should be the same for the PICkit3. Check your device manager to see the drivers are loaded properly when the PICkit3 is plugged in.

The latest version of MPLab is 8.76 so that's a somewhat older version you're using. If nothing else, completely uninstall your old version then download and install version 8.76. Running the latest version provides the latest device support and sometimes older programmer/debuggers are grandfathered in on selected MCUs. When running a newer MCU, you definitely want to keep up with the latest version of MPLab.
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