ISD set up

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i kind off posted this before but couldnt find the thing.

I have the output of a mt8870 almost like a binary code. i want to connect that to the ISD chip so i can record multiple messages. i used the "address segment resolution" to know what address will give me the minimun correct lenght needed.

According to the datasheet i have for the ISD1110, i wired it like shown there but the light, that means its recording, seems to saty on and the messages wont play back. anyone have an idea on whats going on.

Im not sure how to place a picture, but if someone tells me then i can post up a schematic i made for you guys to look.


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On the window where you write your post, on the tool bar above, next to the font colour (capital A symbol) there is a symbol for attachments. Attach a photo from there.