Is this resistor any good?


Joined Feb 11, 2008
The metal case device is a 1960's or early 1970's axial tantalum capacitor, whcih has blown and blew/melted out the epoxy end. They were sometimes called a "MILspec cap" as many had a MIL label. I have a heap in my old tantalums box.

Check it's number but it is likely in the 10uF to 100uF range (but is smallish so closer to 10uF), and was also likely to have been exposed to excessive voltage (so check all the voltage regulation parts).

Sometimes you get diodes in that package but I'm pretty sure it's a tantalum as it has the 15v label. There should also be a + sign on the open end. Unsolder it and check if the uF number is on the bottom?

Otherwise it could be k107 as in 10uF with a k tolerance.