Is this circuit safe for 18650 charging?

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So i got this flashlight-it has built in lithium 18650. But i looked the PCB, i think it's way too simple. I only see resistors, and only has 1 super small IC.

Does this even work for guarding and protecting lithium 18650 like BMS? I compared it with TP4056, tp has lots of IC (DW IC protect, and the tp itself)

Does it :
-protect overdischarge?
-protect overcharge?

It seems like a dumb charger look a like though, no CC CV thing i guess? but what your opinion? im not from electronics background..

The IC :
The entire circuit


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It is Constant-Current/Constant-Voltage charger chip which do not control the discharge. The rest of the system has to cut off battery when voltage drops too low. And yes it has automatic cut off preventing overcharging.