Is this circuit diagram accurate?

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    Mar 29, 2008
    Hi, I need to build a "clap-on-clap-off" circuit for a project and I keep seeing the same schematic everywhere.

    I built that circuit and it didn't work... I think I understand how the circuit works, so when I look at the pin-out for the 4013 DUAL D flip flop (IC3 in the diagram) I'm a little suspicious as to whether the connections show in the above diagram are correct. Here's the data sheet- pin-out on Page 4.

    If thought the connections on the flip-flop should be more the ones shown in the following diagram:

    The connections are so different that I don't think both circuits can be correct. I only have a 5VDC relay coil so I can't try out the second circuit, but could somebody please clear this up for me so I know if I'm just wasting my time debugging that first circuit I built (the first link).

    Also, if the connections for the first circuit are correct, the only other thing in that I could be doing wrong is hooking up the relay switch. I've never done that before and I'm confused:

    I want to "clap-on-clap-off" an LED. Could somebody please explain how I would connect this load to the relay switch? Do I connect the two sides of the coil in the relay to my positive supply and ground, or to the emitter of the transistor and ground? where do the LED and diode connect? The circuit's supposed to be able to drive appliances and such... Would the voltage or current across/through the load be too much of an LED? even with a limiting resistor?

    Thanks so much!

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