Is there grants or free money for electronic schooling

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    Jun 11, 2008
    Hello all and finally happy friday... I was thinking last night about what i had heard from someone the other day saying that there is money available now due to the stimulus stuff for father's now going to or back to school.... I know they had this for mother's but this person was saying that they now have included father's but i have no clue what it is called. i have tried googling but no luck.

    Also, on this topic i was wondering if anyone knows if there is any grants or any free money or assisted money specifically for electronic schooling?

    I know when i signed up to go to this trades school i filled out the FAFSA i think it is called and i took my sweet time filling it out completely.. Well, after few hours on it when i turned it into the school she said give me a minute i can tell you right away... LOL, she says i qualify for nothing... i could not believe it. Here i am a father with two daughters i do not make more then 30,000 a year and at the time my wife WAS working and making i think 35,000... I am questioning this stuff now cause she is on unemployment and i am hoping to qualify for something cause i swear everyone else at the school qualified.

    When i was out of high school and thinking of going to college they then said my father made to much money which i could understand cause he made goog money in electronics. but to say this to me and i make barely a quarter to his pay!!
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    Apr 6, 2009
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    Uncle Sam will solve all your problems, he has grant for you
    and a paycheck Maybe a sign up bonus too. Maybe a bonus
    for bringing your friends with you . It would also be stimulating.
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