is there any IC to do the binary multiplication?

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I have a project, I need to use binary multiplier. Designed multiplier takes many logic gates, is there any ready IC to do the operation?



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Yes, of course there are digital multipliers, both fixed-point and floating point. I don't know what logic family you're using (i.e. cmos, ttl, lsttl, etc) and how many bits you need and how fast your clock is, but you should be able to easily find multiplier chips, or use a microprocessor or DSP processor, which has the multipliers built-in and perform other functions that you may need. Of course, in that case, you have to write some code. But there are pure hardware digital multipliers. Another fairly simple way of doing it would be to use an FPGA chip, which is an IC with a vast array of gates that you program once after using the manufacturer's (usually no-cost) tools on your PC to draft a schematic of how you want the gates connected. They probably already have multiply functions built-in as a macro on most of them. Check Altera, or you can google the word: FPGA. These are fairly inexpensive chips for the amazing high density you get--usually several million gates in the IC, and it's incredibly easy and intuitive to use the PC-based tools you can download off the mfgr's website almost always for free.

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