Is the 12LF1840 compatible with PicKit 2?

Discussion in 'Programmer's Corner' started by medic265, Jul 25, 2014.

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    Hello Everyone,

    Please forgive me if this is a stupid question. I'm so new to microcontrollers it's not even funny. Several years ago I bought a PicKit 2 with the hope to learn a little about microcontrollers, but as with most things I hope to do, the wife, kids, job, etc always came first so I just never got to it. I tinker just a very little with electronics so please bare with me. And if this is an ignorant question just please give me a nudge in the right direction.

    So I downloaded what I think is the lastest software (v2.6) from microchip, plug the pickit2 into the usb, and fire it up. But I get an error that says "DEVICE NOT FOUND". I do have the microcontroller in the dip holder with the notch toward the number 1 as marked on the circuit board.

    All I need to do is read the chip and save the file to burn to another chip. So I'm guessing the 12LF1840 may not be supported by the pickit 2. When I googled it I saw conflicting stories on several different websites. And maybe this is just more than I'm capable of doing at my current level but I thought surely I could at least read the darn thing and then save the file to write it to another chip.

    And if the pickit 2 is not compatable with the 12LF1840 then I'll just get a pickit 3. I think there like $32 on ebay.

    So can anyone guide me just a little?


    PS. I hope I put this in the correct forum...
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    The simplest way to check that is to open MPLAB, select your device, and see what tools are ion the green, literally, tools that can work with your device will have green icons, those that can't have red.

    The bad news is I just tried your device (both MPLAB and MPLAB-X) and PICkit 2 cannot work with that device.

    There is a slight chance that the PICkit 2 stand alone app will see the part and program it, but you still can't use that for in circuit debugging.

    As far as which forum, "Embedded Systems and Microcontrollers" may be a better choice but this one is fine.

    Sorry for the bad news, but it has happened to us all.
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    Thanks. I had already looked there and checked the data sheets but I didn't see any reference to the wither it could be programmed with the PicKit2 system.

    Thank you Sir, That's the information I was needing to hear. So I'll go ahead and order a PicKit3 system. I certainly appreciate your help!!

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    It isn't on the list given by PK2CMD, which I think has the same range of compatibility as the PICKIT2 standalone app.
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    Hold on, Greg. The PICKIT2 "Standalone Programming Application" will program the 12LF1840 device... You need to upgrade to application version 2.61.00, os firmware version 2.32.00, and device file 1.62.14...
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