Is my Dell SE198WFP LCD monitor about to die?

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So, I have a Dell monitor from 2008? Something like that. But recently it started to create a horrible whine which even my brother of 19 years old can hear!
I have posted on other forums already, but my question is, in case it's a bad capacitor or inductor on the TCON board or transformer board, how can I tell if it's bad? I'm new in circuit engineering so I try to learn the basics.

Sincerely, a hopeful person willing to restore equipment.


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That was a stupid comment...:mad:
This is an electronics forum, not a shopping spree forum.

Repairing is worth doing, inclusive learning from the attempt. Instead of buying a new one to fill the f$%&" chinese pockets, the money saved will still promote trading other items.


Open the monitor carefully and locate the origin of the noise, perhaps with the help of one end of a hose stuck to your ear and sweeping its other end close by the circuitry. Come back with observations.

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