Is it true one member lives here???


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Don't have to go there. Come to FL. Its a freezing 78f during the day and blizzard like 65f at night. :) Waiting for the next global warming winter to hit. When the iguana's start breaking windsheilds and setting off car alarms you'll knows it a GW winter. For those uninformed GW is causing FL to have the coldest winter's we've ever had. This in turn has closed most fisheries for the year, and presents a big problem with 20 lb iguana's that climb up in tree's to goto sleep. When they go below 28f they freeze and fall out of the tree's hitting cars denting hoods, breaking windsheilds, and setting off car alarms all night. We'll see, last year was the first one. Oh and when it thaws out these things come back to life and scurry off.


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Yes, R!f@@ Lives there. He actually WENT SOMEWHERE ELSE to go on vacation a couple weeks back. :confused:

We should have a "Stay Over at R!f@@'s" for a week sometime. :D


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Dont know about you all, but I live in Florida and I'm going to R!f@@'s for my next vacation. Went to the Similan Islands in Thailand last and the Maldives have got them beat hands down. Get my dive gear checked and head for 30 Meters on the reef. Don't get no better than that!!!!!


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Me, I like a little high ground nearby. Somewhere to go if there is a Tsunami.

The local donut shop has a huge (bigger than poster) size picture of one of those bungalows. Guess where they want to go for vacation?


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I know dogs love swimming in the warm water. That, a good beer, and some sausage would be paradise. No wonder so many couples decide to get married there.



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Sorry John, No dogs on the Maldives.

The drug dogs "accidentally" barked at a government officials luggage, so they passed a law that no dogs are allowed on the islands.

Sounds like a isn't.

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Wouldn't the constant sunshine, beaches and warmth get to you after a while? Make you wish for snow?
I don't know, but I'm willing to try. :)

I do think I would miss the variation in the weather. I like some days raining, some days windy, some days snowy, but most of all, I like quiet sunny days. At the sea, in my sailboat, sailing away... :D


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People..get a life....

I am dying to get out of here.

and retched, I was born and raised here in the Capital..probably die as well.

You all are most welcome..but crashing at my place can be done after a couple of years at best
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The wedding trade might take a bit of a hit after this:
Wow really makes you wish you lived there huh? Kinda like Costa. Locals put up with the tourist as long as their giving out money, as soon as they stop they turn into a pack of rabid animals.

I feel for R!iiif. Working away from home in a different population sucks. You tell yourself its cool and your learning the world and gaining experience but in the end you really just wanna be at home and your pretty much alone. You just count your days till you get to leave or punch a supervisor and get fired.