Completed Project Is it safe to use a 1/2A 250V fuse in a 110V circuit?

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I wanted to add a fuse protection to a circuit. The device runs on 110V and draws close to 400mA. Checked my collection and found these (picture added below)vintage 1/2A 250V fuses collection. Are these fuses only meant for 220V circuits? Just wanted to clarify if its safe to use it in a 110V circuit or should I get another 1/2A fuse made for 115V specifically?



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You are good. The voltage rating of a fuse is the max voltage you want them to break.

Obviously if the fuse cas break (open) at 250 volts it will also open for 110v.


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The fuse rating is the maximum voltage, not the operating voltage, so using the 250V fuse in a 120V circuit gives you a good operating margin.

Conversely, you never want to use a fuse with a lower voltage rating than the operating voltage.