Is it any good!

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I was contemplating enrolling in this program, but I am concerned with my ability to get a job after completing the course. The program looks pretty strong for a program granting an Associates Degree. Laplace Transforms, Fourier Series and Calculus lessons. I cannot find a degree program at the associates level in my area that provides such comprehensive topics.

Its affordable and for me, I will find the time to study and still work and be a dad for my children and husband for my wife. I just wonder if its worth the time and effort and still not be marketable. Do companies value this program?

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A lot of topic's,equal a lot of book sales which they say you must purchase.
Cannot find any accredation,that important when selecting any school.
Find out more,keep asking questions.There are not many jobs to be had.
A lot of government loans to pay off the rest of your life.


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Try to get a list of Colleges that accept transfer of class credits from CIE. That will tell you what their accreditation is worth. After all, the definition of Acreditation is "equal to and accepted by" other schools of higher learning.

I can't say that the education is worthless. I went to a trade school for my first year out of High School and it made all the difference. It started my life in Electronics. I have never suffered from lack of work, but it's not because anybody has heard of the two bit school I started at. It's because I kept right on taking college level courses, OEM training classes, studied for and got a State Contractors License, passed entry tests at Mil-spec contractor factories, stuff like that. This kind of school can get you started, but I don't think you can ride on the "degree" you'll get at CIE.


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Your state regulatory body for electrical electronics should be able to tell you if you can get licensed afterwards, also a quick survey of employers will also tell you if they recognize that schools certificates.

Allot of private colleges a few years ago formed their own organization to "accredit" themselves so they can advertise accredited education.