Is it a good move? -- Suggestion required

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Hi All,

This is Sravan from India. I completed my Bachelor of engineerring in Electronics & Communication in 2006.

After my studies i started looking for jobs and i got offer as SCIENTIST in DRDO and ISRO but i did not accept these offers as the salary offered was less(Now i repent the decision).Instead i joined an big IT company and the salary was good.

Now its been almost 4 years and i realized that IT field is not my cup of tea(There are several reasons why i don't like Software industry).

Now i want to go back to my field of study..and ready to work for low salary.

I seek suggestions from all of you for the following questions?:
1) Do u think it is a good move?
2) Is it acheivable?

:I am 24 years old and i was very good at studies. I was the topper in my class.


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YES, good move, if your NOT happy.
YES, it is achievable. You have plenty of time.

Sure, do it.

It just took you a little while to "mature" or realize that, It isnt WORK if you enjoy it.

You will live by your means regardless of what you make. If you make 70,000 a year, you'll still be as broke as if you make 30,000.

Do what you enjoy. Your young.

I would see if your company has tuition matching or reimbursement..Or is college free in India?

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I would see if your company has tuition matching or reimbursement..
Thanks rm for your reply..

I want to start my preparation along with my current job and applying to companies..I dont want my present company to know about this ;)

Or is college free in India?
Sorry i don't want to go college again..

I did not know about this site when i was in college..The only book i know for electronics is Integrated electronics by Millman & Halkias and another one by van valkenberg

It is a great site..

I never used to go online for my electronics doubts...


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Job changing, particularly to one with a lower salary, does not raise a red flag when you are young unless it happens a few times. Your explanation sounds good to me.

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I am going to change my field too
While your at it Rifaa, change your socks! ;)

sorry..couldn't resist.

I had a friend start his career at 17. Through high-school, he took classes and electives along with a technical-automotive school. He started a job at a popular Lift-Truck company for $66,000US. He quit in a year. His next job was at McDonalds for $12,000.

When he continued in life, he applied for another position in the diesel automotive field and they asked him why he left for a food-service job at such a pay-cut. He said, the original company wanted him to go into an office job when his love was hands-on. They hired him.


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Money is not the answer -- it's usually the problem. :p Looking from the other end of a career, I recommend you love what you do and do what you love -- it's that simple.