is electrocution possible from touching a good conductor that is connecting terminals


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is electrocution possible from touching a good conductor (much lower resistance than the human) that is connecting terminals.
(electrocution) would the current flow through a person when it is already flowing through a copper conductor that is connecting the terminals.
either in a capacitor or battery or AC
is electrocution possible from touching a good conductor that is connecting terminals
As I understand it, you're asking how someone could get electrocuted if they touch a conductor that is already connected on both ends to terminals.

Let's put this in perspective: What you are asking is the same exact question as if you touched a power line. The *ONLY* reason power would flow through you, is if you were touching something with less charge potential using some other part of your body (like standing in a puddle of water).

Electricity takes ALL PATHS simultaneously in proportion to the resitance/impedance on each of those paths.

This is why BIRDS don't get electrocuted when the land on a power-line. They are only touching the power-line, and both feet are exposed to the SAME electrical potential. If the bird put one foot on one line, and one foot on another- he'd get fried.

Hopefully that helps.

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this is the scenario that i imagined (though of course NOT intended to actually do):
as a theoretical physics demonstration:
a uni professor puts a pre charged capacitor on a desk, tells the students that if he was to touch (and connect both) the terminals (with his hands) it would (likely) kill him but then he takes a thick copper pipe (thick enough for heat dissipation) and whilst holding it in the centre (with only one hand) he connects the terminals.
the spark explodes with a bang, but no significant current flowed though into the professor.


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Right, the professor is not providing a path through his body. The only path for the discharge is via the copper pipe when it touches both posts.
Any person touching only one terminal will not be providing a discharge path to the other terminal at all.