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    May 10, 2009
    Hi. I have tried to search for the difference between the two mosfets, and I'm not really getting an answer I need.

    It all starts with a burned amp, the mosfets are burned- need to be replaced. The ones that were on the board are IRFZ44N, however local SAYAL store doesn't have them just the IRFZ44... If I get them shipped the cost will increase by 300% due to shipping- so what does the N stands for? I was getting mixed opinions on the Internet search so I want to verify here.

    P.s. just to clerify- I read few posts saying that there are slight differences in data sheets and others saying they are in fact the same, now I don't know how the amp is designed so I don't know if even those small differences (if they exist) will affect its functionality...
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  2. t06afre

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    May 11, 2009
    Here is the datasheets

    As you can see already on the first page you can see some differences. The IRFZ44 can handle slightly more current and the max VDS is also slightly higher. This will not matter in your case. The IRFZ44 have about 0.010 Ohm higher RDS(on). This should not have much to say. But it may depend on the application Both have same Gate Threshold Voltage If you look at the timing specs
    • Turn-On Delay Time
    • Rise Time
    • Turn-Off Delay Time
    • Fall Time
    You will see that the IRFZ44N has better timing specs. But it is in the nano second range If this has something to say may again depend on your application. It would help if told what kind of equipment you plan to use those critters in. Then the forum may give you more accurate answers. It may also be others factors as my first look at it was kind of quick:cool:
    As I see it it is a good possibility that you can IRFZ44. With a small but since I do not know how your board will use them
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    May 10, 2009
    Well actually I went to SAYAL today, and the guy pulled up info about the IRFZ44 and 44N ... Exact same specs, then he said the N is only for inventory purposes and they are in fact the same... Big suprise when I found the rack with Transistors- label said irfz44 - but on the transistor- irfz44n... I guess I don't really have a problem since I got the transistors I need.

    The amp I'm fixing is 500/1 jl audio D-block... All I need now is a voltage regulator and some rectifying diode that looks like a transistor, so wish me luck with finding that locally lol...

    Thanks for quick response!
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    Apr 28, 2012
    you mean a TO220 double diode?

    Since the MOSFET burned out why not replace it with a better one?

    Maybe the cooling is not good enough.
  5. LaZyLuke

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    May 10, 2009
    I mean the sf1606g... Whatever it is it looks overheated... And I suppose I could upgrade the transistors but they blew due to a surge- at least that's what tech support said, which I think it's bs... Long story short this amp outputs 500w along 10-14.5v and I just think it popped due to alot of voltage drops