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    hi i am studying electrical engineer and i am in final year,
    my final project is about operating a three phase induction motor using single phase AC,
    my contain three steps first AC source 220v to 220v DC using rectifier then making a variable DC voltage (0-220v)
    using a buck converter the previous parts works fine but the big problem is how
    to invert single phase dc to three phae voltage i search in my country
    and i found an IC called IR2130 which helps me and i found an application and in it
    there is a circuit for my project (i attach it) it contain a 555 timer for generating a PWM and
    a shift register to generate a six PWM for the six mosfets i connect the circuit as on the application note
    but i had a problem that the output of the(HO1,HO2,HO3)is constant voltage (is it correct??????????????)
    and the output(LO1,LO2,LO3) are correct PWM i continue connecting the circuit , when i add a dc voltage
    it seems that there is a short circuit i asked mysupervisor and a lot of peapole but no one helped me .
    i will appreciate some help from and i will not forget it please answer me at my email <snip>
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    Your circuit did not attach. That may be because it was too large, or not in an accepted format.

    I suggest that you create your image in .png format; as it is compact in size and not "lossy" like .jpg files are.

    Bring up your schematic diagram in the program you used to create it.
    Perform a screen print by pressing Ctrl+PrintScreen
    Start MSPaint
    Paste the image into MSPaint by pressing Ctrl+V
    Save as a type .png file
    Upload to the forum.

    It's possible to synthesize 3-phase AC, but it's pretty complex. A form of PWM is used to generate the AC output. Class D amplifiers use a similar arrangement.