IR2110 DeadTime Inquiry

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    Sep 5, 2009
    Hi Everyone

    I am building a class D amplifier as a project in school this year.

    I require dead time in my circuit because I get ringing in the output waveform of the MOSFETS.

    I use a PWM controller chip to covert the music signal to PWM and use a XOR gate IC to split the PWM into Hi and Lo outputs and feed that into the Hin and Lin of the Gate Driver.

    I implemented dead time initially by trying the method the Application note "AN-978" said by adding a fast diode parallel to the gate resistor, but that didn't help much.

    In that same Datasheet it says

    I interpret this as I can have a Resistor-Capacitor-diode network on the output from the XOR gates and then delay the signal entering the Gate Driver.

    But I'm stuck as to where it says 10% of VDD, so does this mean If I supply VDD with a 12V supply. The schmitt trigger in the IR2110 triggers high at 1.2V?

    Or have I interpreted that statement in the application note wrong?

    Ideally I'm looking for around 100nS dead time to avoid shoot-through in the output FETS.