IR Sensor help please

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Hi everyone,

I am looking to build a simple circuit that detects when a car approaches my gate that will then sound a buzzer or something similar back at my house.

I'm thinking that an IR sensor is the best approach. Either have a break beam sensor or a reflective IR sensor.

Now, I have a few questions that I need clarifying.
The distance from the gate to my house is about 150-200 meters.
If I go for an IR sensor that is rated at 5V supply would the run be too long?

I have been browsing suppliers such as RS components and noticed that they do IR sensors that need a supply of 10-30V. Is this voltage level used because of long distances and voltage drop?

What I'd like is some kind or IR sensor that detects a car then triggers some simple logic circuit which will pulse a buzzer high and low using something like a 555 timer.

Is this a good approach? Does anyone have any comments that could aid me in my design choice.

I thank you all for your time reading this and appreciate any feedback possible.



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You could just get a PIR floodlight and use it. The floodlamps could be optional, but it would be easy to get a signal sent to the house.

It is going to be difficult to come up with something that does not have false triggers. A beam can have a large dog or even a piece of trash blow through, and the PIR sensors will trigger on animals and even high wind gusts.

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The is the option of having to IR beams. As a car is generally of a certain length, an anaimal or piece of paper would only break one beam at a time where as a car would trigger the two.

I could use ultrasonic or even a proximity sensor. It's all really a case of price and reliability.

What kind of voltage levels will I need to work with? Would 5V be enough to run a distance of say 150meters from the control box to the sensor? Anyone have any thoughts on this matter?

I've browsed at some sensors and found ones of 5v and 10-30v ratings. 5V would be easier as I could create some simple logic circuit to trigger a buzzer but it wouldn't be a problem having to step down a higher voltage signal to 5V.


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Another option would be to bury a 2 meter dia. loop of insulated wire under the driveway (unless the driveway is already in place) and use this loop in an oscillator. When a car-sized lump of steel moves over the loop, the frequency will change. Difficult to implement if the driveway is already poured, though...

Regarding the 150-200 meter cable run, resistance will depend on wire size. There are several charts on the internet which list ohms per 1000 foot of common wire sizes.

Here's one:

Remember: you have length going to the gate, and length coming back as well. Both will have resistance.

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cool chart. Thanks thingmaker3.

Hmmm your loops frequency thing sounds quite interesting. Might be worth looking into. Is there a specific name for this type of system that I can use to google for more inforomation?