IR RC Car with controller and detector?

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    Okay so I want to start a project for my class that involves some type of circuitry. I plan on building a toy car with a IR sensor that would move forward and backwards depending on the IR signal. However, I do not know where to start as I can't find any helpful sites. Could anyone lead me in the right directions by either giving me helpful websites or telling me materials I would need to buy? Thank You

    ALSO if anyone has any other great ideas on things to do, my ears are open; however, the projects have to be somewhat difficult. Thanks again.
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    Google should provide you with plenty of projects using IR sensors on robots, try "obstacle avoiding robot". :)
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    A good place to start is a line-following robot. Doing it at slow speed is easy but going in excess of 1 meter per second gets fun and requires some good programming logic (PID can work) and good circuit design (reversible variable speed motor control). To achieve highest speeds, you will need a reversibe PWM H-bridge motor control with reverse on two wheels (for a skid-steer design).

    There are other designs like the "oxido" bot that competed in robogames this year and last year. Most people play with line follower until they understand it and then move on to something "more advanced". A few people have really refined the line-following concept and made some amazing machines that can perform in direct sunlight at very high speeds.
    See here for event challenge rules

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    Note that these bots are autonomous, not remotely controlled.
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