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I have a 6 v dc motor which is controlled by a pic microcontrollor.It has a h bridge to reverse the motor. The motor runs only after an object is detected by the IR TRANSCIEVER. the ir has a range of 4 inch ( 100 mm)

The problem is that the IR keeps detecting even when no object is there in its detect range. it happens very randomly on an average of every 20 mins.

What has gone wrong.
please help and thanks in advance


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For us to be able to assist you, we are going to need you to provide a clearly labeled schematic.

You can attach one to a post in this thread using the "Manage Attachment" feature provided.



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False hits can be a problem with IR systems. Here is a link to noise correction using the 12F/C series PIC.

Scroll to the 12C508 IR Obstruction Detector. There are also useful links therein to the Dallas group.

The best part of the project is the error correction concept. The code is for a 12C/F series PIC, but is easily adapted to other versions.

I have been using a modified version to detect movement of a 3/16 inch wire that is about an inch or two from the detector. The application has been outdoors in bright sunlight and works flawlessly.


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thankyou for your time and suggestions.

i shall post the schematics.

By the way, iam an mechanical guy . I know only the basics of electronics.

could you please guide me if there is any site for learning pic programming

thanks in advance

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