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i have asked assistance on MP based projects and i was suggested to start from the basic circuit.

so i decided to do an IR detection system...

I need help in understanding

1. modulation technique to generate IR. (I know about AM, FM and other digital modulation techniques but which to use?)

2. power conservation and power failure avoiding techniques. ( I don't know anything about them)

3. how to use photo diodes?

the only transistors i have worked with are BC107 and BC108.

i know nothing about scr, thyristor or triac/diac characteristics and where to use them...

although i can read these info in books i will still not know their practical application...
can any one help a lay man like me?


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Since your interest is in IR detection, you might consider a MP based IR detector that responds to an existing IR source like a simple TV remote control.

You could begin by designing your MP based IR dectector circuit to flash a visible LED or beep each time you press any of the buttons on the remote control. This would allow you to get comfortable with the basic IR detection and MP circuitry.

Once you had accomplished this you could then go on to flash the LED or beep only when a specific button was pressed. This would allow you to explore the technique of using the MP to decode a specific sequence of pulses produced by the TV remote for the button or buttons pressed.

Once you have this experience under your belt, you have the basic understanding of both programming the MP and IR detection. The next phase of your project would be to apply this understanding to a practical application of your own choosing.

The more I think about this project suggestion the more I think I might enjoy undertaking it myself.

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