IR Detection Card For IR Test

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    Mar 8, 2012
    This is a totally accidental encounter of this cool gadget – IR detection card. I am looking for an infrared laser, and find the very good accessory at, an especially professional laser products shop.

    This IR detection card is designed with extra phosphor addition on precise ceramics substrate to form a photosensitive region of invisible beam of IR laser.

    This is a simple picture of IR detection card with clear structure:

    This cool gadget is sensitive to infrared beam range of 800nm to 1600nm. I have made a simple test with a pen size 980nm infrared laser. A bright green light spot is visible on the card.

    Here is the pointing result picture:

    Most of the time I am not sure whether my infrared laser work or not because of invisible beam. This card will help me detect whether IR laser performs perfect.