IR audio transmitter and receiver, does anyone know the source of this schematic?

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Hello all,

I am about to start the project stated in the title, and while searching through the forums on here I found this post by mrmeval (3rd from top): However, that forum is old and I cannot reply to it. The schematic looks sound, but I cannot locate the source. The closest I've come has been on the following page: but that still does not lead me anywhere. Does anyone know where this is from? Additionally, has anyone built this circuit? If so, was it operational?

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That circuit is from a very old app note that didn't make it through when RCA's IC business went to Harris, then Intersil, then TI. An updated circuit is here:

Note that in the text the first op amp in the receiver is an LM318, not a 741. This is correct, and the BOM is wrong.

But the thread you referenced asks a good question. Why not buy some infrared headphones?