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    Apr 6, 2007

    I have used Fuji IPM 6MP100RA120 for my three phase inverter. My load is a three phase motor. The current signals at the output are very noisy. How can I eliminate these?
    I used a RCD snubber one input of IPM (between P - N). Is it right?
    My switching frequency is 18 kHz. My snubber circuit values are C -- 0.22 uF 1250 V, R--22R 50W, nad D -- DSEI 120-12. Is it appropriate?
    The most important question is how I can use output filter. I haven't got a neutral line. So I don't know how I will connect a L - C filter. To make a neutral line I found a way. Between P - N input of IPM, if I connnect two split capacitors and take a line between capacitors it is neutral line. But if I do so, the input DC voltage must be very high. I haven't got so much DC voltage. Is there a way to connect L - C filter without neutral line? If it is possible how can I do?

    Or to eliminate the noise from the output signals is there another way?

    Thank you....
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    I do not think any kind of filters are advisable between the inverter and the motor.
    But I may be wrong, since I did not try this.

    I haven't seen inverter drives creating noise, could it be your motor or the inverter having trouble?