IP66/Nema enclosures for outdoor

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Hello all,
I am looking for a PCB enclosure to mount to the backside of a solar panel. (Yes, I am building UL certified microinverter). I need IP66 or NEMA 4X enclosures.

I went back to UL site to try and find their list of enclosures for this type of product.

I need brackets or mounting lugs on the sides, not on the back like most of the boxes I have found. Screw lids, etc. They never have to be opened or serviced.

I have been to too many sites to list here.

I WANT TO BUY MADE IN USA! I am trying to source everything I can made in USA. I know I will never be able to label the inverters "Made in USA" as it has to be 70% american but I would like to keep the money here.

Thanks in advance for any help.

Examples of what I need: www.enphase.com, www.enecsys.com, www.westinghousesolar.com

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there is tons of companies that make industrial enclosures with those ratings. big ones are Rittal, Hoffman, Hammond, Saginaw...