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    I have used voip softphones and sip accounts over the years.
    I have used skype to skype calling over the years

    But I am curious of if anybody has experience in ip phones hardphones or wireless ip phones ...... (i.e the ones that look just like a regular phone but plug directly into your router or connect to it / use your internet connection)

    Something like on this site

    I have worked briefly at work with one but I never had to set one up.
    So I was just wondering if anybody has any experience with these /set them up.

    My main question is how easy/ how do you assign it a phone number from an sip account or a google voice account or a number in general?

    I want to make sure if I buy one I will be able to set it up with my sip account or other accounts like google voices?

    Any help would be great thanks
    Because I don't want one if I am not guarenteed to beable to set it up with my online phone services!

    Also I was kind of curious if you don't want to use a computer for skype must you get a skype ip phone "specific" or can you use any ip based phone?

    Seems to me when getting a skype online number that only allows the outside world to see you as that number but you still need your computer or skype ip phone to call out.... but not sure if any regular ip phone will work with skype as it should with other things.

    ( essentially the people that call the online number are routed to your skype computer account or sky ip phone because the online number is linked with your account so it is the equivalent of skype to skype calling method except the outside people see it as a regular phone system ) Simlar in many way to how google voice works (just call forwarding )...

    But maybe someone out there knew more about weather you can configure a general ip phone to do skype my thoughts is no so it is either a skype ip phone or a always on computer.

    Of course magicjack plus is another option that I think is a little more trust worthly
    And no extra hardware other then the magicjack itself as well as an internet connection/router but it is save to say the majority of people have that at least
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    i'm some what familar with how voip can work in a business. I have used google phone and it will let you pick a phone number to use. i would think that yuou could either program a number fro mgoole to the phone or somehow input account info to logine then it would see hte number youve chosen. if you want it to work with skype i beleve there are special phones for that porpouse.
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    Ya, well you can only port landline numbers currently...
    I haven't found to many programs that let you interface to other SIP accounts like from skype to google to another SIP ,..etc
    I do have to say I looked into api to create my own and currently google doesn't give out the functions to make this possible in an API for gmail , google voice ,...etc programs

    Skype the same way...

    google is like skype but just gives you an online number for free.

    like the quote on Thomas Edison I have a poster of that exact phrase :)

    Either way I was just throwing this question out there to see if somebody got farther with this then I knew...

    I have to say I have tried some google voice apps on my android phone but they all restrict you to use the 3G network to make your US and Canada calls... so far

    So the best you can do is just keep an old computer on but that is not that bad either
    Thanks for the post