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    Oct 5, 2010
    Dear members,

    I need help in wiring up my new APC BI850SINE invertor and Exide 100AH battery as a backup power for my home.

    I live in India. Here V = 220-240V and Hz = 50 (you may know this already ..:))

    The home has two separate wirings. One is for the low power, that is lights,fans and the like. Other is for the high power, that is Geyser,Washing m/c, water pump etc.

    Now I want to backup the lighting circuit for my home with the inv/batt. I know this will be big load if ALL lights and fans are on, but i bet that not all will be on a the same time when the power goes off ;) . What is the circuit and wiring diagram for that ? Do I need anything more, like circutbreaker,fuse, etc ?

    Some one has made a similar Qn here:

    Not sure if that's sufficient. If you need to send me a pic, send it to <SNIP>
    Thanks a lot in advance. In anticipation for some answers..
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  2. Wendy


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    For lights you are better off with backups, and don't bother with the originals. LEDs are very efficient, and batteries can last a long time powering them. As for the rest, I'd think in terms of small UPSes for individual jobs. Trying to power everything with a bank of batteries is going to involve massive currents on the batteries, more than you realize. 100A at 12V = 1200W. If you have 10 60W bulbs that is 600W, or 50A at 12V (which is still low, since there will be losses). Some appliences, such as TVs and computers, are power hogs.

    Try doing an inventory of what you want to power and calculate it, then visualize how many big batteries that would take.
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