Inverter Pulse Voltage

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    Aug 4, 2010
    Hello all, long time lurker, first time poster (hence the recent join date).

    I am currently trying to create an inverter which creates a 120Vrms output from a 150V DC input. I have simulated the circuit using PSIM with no problems, and have also done the same with Pspice (using ideal switches, SBreak).

    My problem now however, is when I use an actual mosfet model. It seems that I can't just use a 5V pulse to drive the mosfets completely (if that makes sense). I am using IRF640s because they happen to be in close proximity and would work if I happen to ever actually build this, plus they should be more than OK for my needs.

    My circuit is quite simple, and I think the problem may be the transformer (in the simulation I attached, I used L1 = 0.01, L2 = 0.008, no real specific reason for these values, just using 10:8).

    Operation is pretty much as follows: M1 and M3 are pulsed at 10KHz for half a cycle (5V-10V peak), then it switches to M2 and M4. The bigger the pulse, the bigger the output (so if I simulate 100V pulses, it works ok).

    Attached below are the circuit and output with a 10V pulse.

    Any help is appreciated,