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    Feb 6, 2009
    Hi all,
    i have a bit of confusion here.Assuming a three phase shunt STATCOM is connected to the point of common coupling between a three phase supply and three phase load for power factor correction.The STATCOM ratings are given here:

    what do they mean by interface inductance at 20% (32mH) ,source impedence Ls 3%(0.03p.u) and total ac resistance?

    I'm also trying to get the current rating of 2.4A rms when it's supplying 1kVAR. I know that the line to line inverter voltage is 300rms when supplying 1kVAR. I'm using the formula I= ((300/√3)-(240/√3))/(2∏*60*L) where the current rating is computed by subtracting the PCC phase voltage from the inverter phase voltage and dividing by the interface inductance impedence but i can't get 2.4Arms. Someone pls help.Thanks!