Inverter ( NOT Gate ) not working

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Newbie question.....

I am testing a simple inverter I made as per

At the output I have connected a LED via a resistor.

Problem: The output ( LED ) is always ON whether the base current is switched on or switched off.

I attached a LED after the emitter. And this is OK , ie it comes on only when the base current is on.

Could somebody kindly clarify ?
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The circuit you're trying to use:

The circuit you should be using instead:

See how similar they are?
Basically the same thing. Just put your LED in series with Rc.

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Thank you SgtWookie.

As I had mentioned, I am testing this circuit and had put the LED only for testing. Actually I need the inverted signal to control another part of the circuit.

How do I do it then ? ie get the inverted waveform....

Searching the net for such NOT-gate-type inverter turns up so many circuits but they are so similar to this....

I dont know what is it that I am doing wrong.

I have been testing the circuit with 4.5 volts.


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your circuit may be picking up noise if the base is floating and the transistor is sensitve enough.....both these circuits work(with an additional pull down/pull up resistor)